Graduate Students

Jessica (Jess) Briggs

Research Profile

Advisor: Grace Wilkinson

Research interests include biogeochemical cycling, changes in ecosystems across time and space, and anthropogenic impacts on water bodies.

Tyler Butts

Advisor: Grace Wilkinson

Research interests include ecosystem science, food webs, and community ecology. Specifically, I am interested in the interaction between lake food webs and ecosystem resilience

Marissa Cartwright

Advisors: Eric Roden & Matthew Ginder-Vogel

Investigating effects of influxes of particulate organic matter in riverbed sediment

Austin Delany

Advisor: Paul Hanson

Interests include lake and environmental modeling, freshwater and climate interactions, and environmental data management

Adrianna Gorsky
Research Profile

Advisor: Hilary Dugan

Examining greenhouse gas emissions and other aquatic processes during ice-on and ice-off periods of north temperate lakes

Elliot Hendry

Advisor: Sara Hotchkiss

Research interests include paleolimnology, carbon storage/cycling in freshwater ecosystems, evolution of aquatic ecosystems

Amanda Kerkhove

Advisors: Zach Finer and Olaf Jensen

I examine the social-ecological systems of recreational ice fishing.

Krystyn Kibler

Advisor: Trina McMahon

My research interests involve the complexities of phytoplankton community structure, spatial and temporal variations in an algal bloom, and seasonal influences of HABs.

Katherine (Katie) Klier

Advisor: Karthik Anantharaman

Research interests include investigating the ecological function of microbes and viruses in marine and freshwater ecosystems.

Marguerite (Maggie) Langwig

Advisor: Karthik Anantharaman

I use bioinformatics to understand microbial ecology and viruses in marine and freshwater environments.

Ben Martin

Research Profile

Advisor: Jake Vander Zanden

Spiny Water Flea and its impact on predator-prey relationships

Joe Mrnak

Research Profile

Advisor: Jake Vander Zanden

Food web interactions following a reintroduction of native Cisco in 2 north temperate lakes containing invasive Rainbow Smelt

David Ortiz
Research Profile

Advisor: Emily Stanley

Comparison of temporal and spatial dynamics of algal blooms

Jordan Richard

Advisor: Tony Goldberg

My research interests involves investigating the decline of mussels in the river ecosystem

Nicholas (Nick) Scheel

Advisor: Trina McMahon

My research interests involve freshwater microbial ecology and mercury methylation.

Ella Schmidt

Advisor: Trina McMahon

My research focuses on spring turnover in polymictic lakes and the impact of warming temperatures.

Maggie Shaw

Advisor: Olaf Jensen

Behaviors and population dynamics of fishes

Paige Stork

Advisor: Caroline Gottschalk Druschke

Hydrologic and hydraulic dynamics of flooding and flood resilience, watershed modeling and metamodeling, rural water resources management and policy

Daniel (Danny) Szydlowski

Research Profile

Advisor: Grace Wilkinson

Investigates drivers of change in lakes such as climate change and invasive species, along with ecosystem resilience to these forces.

Patricia Tran

Research Profile

Advisor: Trina McMahon

Bioinformatics and aquatic microbial ecology

Daniel Trovillion

Advisors: Emily Stanley & Dan Preston

My research focuses on how urban development, water quality and invasive species shape aquatic communities.

Ashley Trudeau

Advisor: Olaf Jensen

Recreational fisheries management and social-ecological systems

Jess Turner

Advisor: Ankur Desai

Estimating net ecosystem exchange of gases from wetlands using low-cost measurements of aquatic processes

Sydney Widell

Advisor: Caroline Gottschalk Druschke

I study the relationships between stream restoration and flooding in Southwestern Wisconsin